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  • Texeler Soezzz Organic
    Texeler Soezzz Organic

    Texeler Soezzz Organic Pillow

    Luxe pillow with a tick made of wool coat, with a touch of cashmere. Filled with resilient, virginwool balls.

    Size: 60 x 70 cm

    Tick: With a wool filled tick made of 100% organic cultivated cotton…

    € 115,00
  • Texeler Soezzz  Perfection Pillow- wool
    Texeler Soezzz Perfection Pillow- wool

    Texeler Soezzz Perfection pillowBeautiful pillow filled with wool of Texeler, the manufacturer of duvets and pillows on Texel. Because the sheeps stand outside during the rough weather does the wool have very special…

    € 89,00
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Texeler and Texelwool mergered in 2010. .

The two famous brand with wool pillows come from the little island Texel, with the sea air the wool has a beautiful quality. 

Texels sleepcomfort

The island Texel is cherished by the sun and wind. The untouched nature areas are the homes of special rase pedigree sheep. Everybody who lives in Texel will say that the 'Texelaar' (the pedigree sheep) is the most valuable for the island. Worldwide known for the best quality of the wool. 

Natural ventilation

Mother nature is a miracle. She provides the fibers of the sheepskin to be light as a feather. The wool isolates but is still ventilating. That is the secret of Texeler products. 

Wool fot good health


The Texeler wool is been used bij the island residents for centuries. Havingrheumatic, sore muscles or anything else, you were advised to sleep under sheepskin. The curative lanoline (wooloil) which is in the wool together with warmth would take away the pain. Even after a short night. The wool still has these healing powers.


Fungus can't live in wool. They need warmth and moist air (75%) in still air. Wool regulates it's own moist, which means that fungus can't develop.

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