VanDyck Quilts

The down and feathers that is being used for VanDyck quilts and pillows, are the waste product of the slaught and no hand plucked feathers of living animals.  

Vandyck has his own controllers to keep the animal safety as a top priority. Also the farms are inspected for good conditions. In 2009 there is a new verification by the International Down & Feather Laboratoria (IDFL), every part of the production is being reviewd.


Dons serves the people

Vandyck down quilts has an unique classification developed with TNO: The Vandyck Comfort classification. 

Vandyck quilts are one of the best Dutch companies for quality quilts. It is not easy to choose from the supply of Vandyck. Vandyck has made a special classification system so you can choose your the perfect quilt that suits your wishes: the VANDYCK COMFORTKLASSE.

The quality of a product is a combination of two components: the filling and the slip. A Vandyck down quilt has a perfect quality and gives a 5 year warranty. 

You have to make a couple choices about the weight, isolation and flexability. The weighy depends on the filling and the slip. The isolation depends on the weight of the filling and the filling of the down. The higher the filling, the lower the weight of the filling to get the optimal isolationvalue. The fexilibility depends on the flexibility of the slip and the quality of the down and the stitching. For all these components TNo has summerized objective norms. The combination of the components make the Vandyck comfortklasse. 


What should you choose?

STANDARD: For young families, also for children. The students on campus. The single living person. The one living in a flat.  You can put beautiful covers over the quilts, which makes the quilt suitable for every interior. 

COMFORT: Light in weight and suitable for every bedroom. It is a quilt that rises above the average, qua price, isolation and flexibility. You can complete the bed with 100% cotton covers and a good pillow. 

SUPER COMFORT: For the realy spoiled sleeper. The best and flexible down quilt in luxe design. Make sure you have the optimal moisture, when the cover is 10% cotton. When you are looking to complete your bed, ask for the fashionable and quality high covers.  Zorgt voor een optimaal vochttransport, mits de overtrek van zuiver katoen is. Pay attention by choosing the colours and sizes. 

Low price 
65% down and 35% feathers
Slip 100% cotton
Isolation: good
flexibility: Fine
Middle class prices
90% down and 10% feathers
Super closely woven slip of fine cotton.
Isolation: very good: perfect

High price and high quality
Super closely woven slip of fine cotton
Filled with 95% white goose down
Isolation: very good 
Flexibility: the BEST
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