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  • Emperior Silk  Muze silk pillow
    Emperior Silk Muze silk pillow

    Emperior Silk Muze silk pillow

    Surround yourself in the luxurious Muze Silk pillow . This supple cushion with a hundred percent Mulberry silk filling and silk ticking . Super soft and gives mites no living environment and reduces…

    € 216,00

Really soft silk of a silkworm, pure A-quality. 

Anti-allergic, extreme moist regulation. The silk pillow-slip  is suitable for people with rheumatism and Rarkinson.


The History of Silk

Silk has been a luxery product for over 4500 years. At first only the emporer was alloud to wear silk, later on the members of the supreme court had the privilege to wear silk. Productiontechnics were improved and the silk was used a lot more. It even became a means of payment.

The business of silk came to the west in the second century post Christ, when the silk route was discovered. Despite the route and business the Chinese people kept the secret of the productie of the silk for themselves for 2500 years. In 550 .p.C. two monks smugled the cocoons of the silkworm into Constantinopel for the emporer of the Byzantium. It took 700 years before the secrets of the silk production reached over whole Europe. 

Production of the  Emperior Silk-products

CoconsEvery silk cocoons is being measured and picked out on color. Only the best will be used for the silk quilt. 

The cocoons are being unraveled by hand, to prevent a break in the thread. This makes the livespan of the quilt last longer.


WassenThe washing of the silk takes place in running water, without adding chemicals. 
DrogenAll the washed wet silk is hung up in the open  air.
StapelenDry silk is handmade into big thin fleeces. This fleeces are being stacked until the right thickness is reached. 
NaaienWhen the thickness is perfect, the fleece is put in a shell and sowed together. 
EindproductThe result is a super soft silk quilt. Ready for use!
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