What is Nomite?

House dust mite allergy – no problem with feathers and down The NOMITE quality mark indicates that you are dealing with a product that is suitable for people with a house dust mite allergy. Duvets filled with feathers and down have favorable climatic properties for humans (rapid generation of heat at bedtime, rapid removal of moisture during airing), but this living environment is very unfavorable for the moisture-dependent mite.

The feather and down-proof cover offers additional protection, which prevents mites from penetrating the duvet. Even if you suffer from allergies or asthma, you can therefore benefit from the natural sleeping comfort that feathers and down provide. This has been proven by scientific research.

Some tips for people who have an allergic reaction to house dust mites, or who are more likely to have an allergic reaction:

Air your bedroom and your duvets regularly and intensively. This allows you to remove moisture from the room and from the bedding, and you create a mite-friendly climate. The duvets must be washed and/or cleaned in accordance with the maintenance instructions. Don't let your duvets get too old, replace them in time.

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