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  • Castella Clima Balance Down Duvet WinterPlus
    Castella Clima Balance Down Duvet WinterPlus

    Castella Climabalance Winter PLus duvet cover-heat class 1

    One of our most popular duvets, always available from stock, an innovation on duvet area, for the last 10 years, our top duvet!

    This 4 seasons anti-allergy duvet duvet…

    € 709,00 € 250,00
  • Castella Climabalance Duvet Winter- Climate-regulating down duvet.
    Castella Climabalance Duvet Winter- Climate-regulating down duvet.

    Castella Duvet Climabalance Winter down duvet - Heatclass 2

    This 4 seasons anti-allergic duvet generate the fresh dry air and gives a nice feeling. When you sleep the air under the duvet is mostly to moist and warm. Result: You…

    € 419,00
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The one and only quilt with a natural climate control system. 

Clima Balance is the first quilt with a two zone system: pockets filled with down which provides the isolation and unique climate controle zones that removes redundant warmth. A simple principle which works perfectly. 

Hot air rises which makes a personal micro climate. The unique climate controle zones take the redundant warmth and moist away on a natural way, which creates under the quilt a personal and dry microclimate, which adapts automatically during the sleep. There are no cold zones anymore. 

You create your own microclimate, the continue ideal temperature leads to a deeper sleep and a fitter rise. It also creates an ideal circumstance when two people sleep under one quilt. 

Clima Balance is researched by the Technical University of Dresden. In the results we see that there is 3 times more moist regulation. The pockets filled with Siberian goose down provides a light and soft warmth, while the climate zones regulate the sweat and redundant warmth. Clima Balance reduces the overheating and sweating while you are a sleep. The benefits of Clima Balance:

  • Ideal personal climate controle 
  • 3 times more liquid reduce
  • less overheating and sweat 
  • very comfortable
  • ideal when sleeping with partner


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