Silvana Royale duvet Colortemp - Medium Blue

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Silvana Royale Colortemp Duvet Blue.

A comfortable and luxe 100% down duvet, Medium.

The Silvana Royale Colortemp® is a duvet filled with down for when it can be more luxe and beautiful. This duvet is extremely comfortable and filled with 100% high quality duckdown. The cover of the duvet is made of fine satin woven cotton, so that it falls wonderfull smoothly around you. 

The Nomite® label indicates that the duvet is uitable for people with a dust-mite allergy. Besides the duvet is provided with the Downafresh® hygiënic label. this ensures that the down has been carefully cleaned and dried. 

The Royale duvets are available in six different colors each has its own thickness and heat. (The Colortemp® system). The Royale blue is a medium duvet. Most time of the year you will sleep comfortable under this duvet. The duvets are equiped with button holes so that all of the Royale duvets can connected with each other. In this way you can compile your own 4-seasons duvet. 

The Silvana Royale duvets are washable up to 60 degrees. Airing the daily air (By opening a window) and carefully shake up the duvet is enough to keep your duvet fresh and volumineus.

Model: Cassette

Filling: 100% white European duck down, Downpass certified.

Material outside: 100% fine satin woven cotton.

ColorTemp: 4 - Medium.

Anti-allergic: Yes, provided with a Nomite® label.

Washable: Yes, washable up to 60 degrees. 

particularities: Provided with a Downafresh® label (Guarantee that the down is cleaned right)

Guarantee: 5 years








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