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Presto Talalay latex pillow AM

AM health pillow Presto is equipped with a unique neck support. AM Presto cushion is designed for people who do not prefer to experience a special form in the pillow but an active support in the neck. On one side of the pillow headrest two lengths are arranged so that the AM Presto pillow is suitable for people with different neklengtes. On the other side is the pillow features a subtle firmer headrest so nekholte is filled in the lateral position, a good support is provided, and head into the natural right line remains the softer been foamed latex in the middle surface of the pad. The depth gauge of the cushion is 40 cm, and ideally to enlarge the length of the bed, as it were. The pillow comes in two heights of 10 cm or 12 cm.


Ticking: The luxury double layered ticking is removable and washable at 60 ° degrees Celsius. On the cover is a Coolplus®high-tech fiber added. It was specially developed and optimally assists the body fluids. This evaporation process is very high and feel the pillow dry and comfortable.

Type: Three faces pillow

Size: 60 x 40 cm

Height: 10 cm or 12 cm

material: Vita Talalay latex

Tip: ideal for zijslapers

Latex, the milky fluid which is made of rubber latex comes from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. Who is originally from Brazil but now also grows in Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Click and drag to verplaatsenNet under the bark of the rubber tree latex flows into a kind of veins, like a spiral orbit around the tree. It cuts the wire in half lengthwise and there is a container under which the latex is collected.

Natural latex

When the natural latex-process the liquid material is poured into a mold, and then baked into a solid form. Natural latex has an open cell structure ventilating capacity is high. The material is characterized by a natural elasticity.

Talalay latex

The milky liquid is first mixed for the Talalay process until there is a very airy foam. This foam is also poured into an aluminum mold and baked into a solid form. However, for this process the latex foam by nitrogen frozen to a temperature of -30 ° C. As a result, the cellular structure moves to the next open. This has the advantage that hetKlik and drag to move latex foam has a very open cell structure which in turn offers benefits ventilation, resilience and comfort of the product. It is with weeerstandsverlies Talalay latex therefore considerably less and ventilating capacity very much higher than other latex pillows.



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