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  • Castella Clima Balance Down Duvet WinterPlus
    Castella Clima Balance Down Duvet WinterPlus

    Castella Climabalance Winter PLus duvet cover-heat class 1

    One of our most popular duvets, always available from stock, an innovation on duvet area, for the last 10 years, our top duvet!

    This 4 seasons anti-allergy duvet duvet…

    € 419,00 € 379,00


Ducky Down Quilts

Why do you need a Ducky Down?

Dutch high quality products 
Most of the ducky down quilts and pillows that are available in the Netherlands are made abroad, most of them in China. This makes it hard to keep an eye on the production en quality. 

All of the products of Ducky Dons are totally produced in the Netherlands, from the washing of the feathers untill the tuffing of the pillows. The whole productionprocess is by the European standards, under the controle of Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit. This means that you are certain of a high quality product and optimal sleeping comfort.  

DIS-TNO guarantee

Nowadays you can buy a quilt on the most strange places. These products are priced extremely low, which makes it attractive, but no one knows where it is produces and what is in it. 

By buying a procuct with a DIS-TNO lable you are assured you buy a high quality product that is made by the European standards. 


What is Nomite? 
A ducky down quilt is an excellent choise for people who have allergies. Allergic reactions a most of the time adjudged to feathers and down. This is not correct, it is caused by house mites in the sleeping environnement. 

Because of the perfect moisture regulation in duck or goose down pillows and quilts ir is not a favourite place to stay for mites. Ducky also provides a refined slip for the products which makes it harder to get in the products. You can read more about it on

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